Privacy Statement

Community AXIS Enterprises Inc. (CAEI.) is committed to the principles of the Australian Privacy Principles which came into effect from 12 March 2014, replacing the National Privacy Principles. Our staff are competent in understanding the Australian Privacy Principles and the security they provide to our Service Participants.

Collection of Personal Information

CAEI. will only collect information which is directly related to our business. Our policies, procedures and practices are set up to ensure that we manage personal information in an open, transparent manner. We will take all reasonable steps to make sure that Service Participants are aware of why the information is collected, where it is stored, to whom the information is usually disclosed and any laws requiring collection of information.

CAEI.’s Service Participant information is reviewed annually to ensure that it is retained or archived in line with the Australian Privacy Principles and our own Control of Quality Records procedure. Access to our records is limited to Service Participants, parties authorised by our Service Participants and staff who require this information to undertake their daily duties.

Sensitive information, including racial or ethnic origin, financial status, criminal record, sexual preference and political or religious beliefs will only be collected where the individual has consented or the information collected is required by law.

Use and Disclosure of Information

CAEI will not use or disclose information other than for the primary purpose of collection. Upon request CAEI will advise Service Participants of what information we hold, for what purposes, how it collects, stores and uses their information. Service Participants can access their personal information by contacting the organisation; we will take all reasonable steps to ensure corrections will be responded to in a timely manner. If CAEI refuses a Service Participant’s request for a correction, written reasons will be provided for this action, along with information regarding CAEI’s complaints mechanism.

Each CAEI site will have Privacy information clearly on display. This Privacy Statement is available on the CAEI website ( CAEI has a Privacy Policy which is available upon request.

Quality of Information

CAEI will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any personal information collected or disclosed in relation to Service Participants is accurate, up to date, relevant and complete. Our organisation will make sure that personal information is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Where personal information is no longer required it is destroyed in accordance with CAEI’s Document and Data Control procedure.


CAEI understands that where lawful and practicable, individuals have a right not to identify themselves. If an individual merely wants to enquire about CAEI’s services they do not have to identify themselves. However, in general, we cannot deal with people anonymously or where they are using a pseudonym as it is impracticable.


Should you have any concerns with regard to the way your personal information is being managed by CAEI, you can discuss your concerns with your Employment Consultant, Supervisor or contact CAEI Head Office on 1800 811 622 or email