AXIS Employment FAQs


Q. How much does this service cost?
A. AXIS Employment is a free service, offering recruitment and employment services and valuable post placement support for our Job Seekers.

Q. Are there government subsidies available to assist with employing a person with disabilities?
A. Yes, our Employment Consultants will assist you with access to financial and other incentives provided by the Federal Government.

Q. I am unsure that a job seeker with disabilities will be able to perform the tasks I need within my business. How will I know?
A. AXIS Employment recruitment services work closely with Employers to ensure they employ the right person for the job, with the right skills. We will only suggest a placement if we are sure that that situation will benefit both the employer and the Job Seeker.
Employment Consultants will also discuss training and up-skilling required for the positions you need to fill.

Q. Where does AXIS Employment operate?
A. AXIS Employment operates in Horsham, Stawell, Ararat, Ballarat, Wendouree, Bendigo, Mildura, Swan Hill, Mount Gambier and Naracoorte. Our Outreach services all major towns in these areas. Our head office is located in Horsham.

Job Seekers

Q. How do I know if I qualify for AXIS Employment services?
A. The easiest way is to contact AXIS Employment in person – our Disability Employment Services Manager will discuss with you what your employment needs are and what we can do for you. You can come directly to us and then we will refer you to Centrelink for an assessment.

Q. What do you do to help me get a job?
A. AXIS Employment can help you with your resume, interview training, contacting potential Employers and we can discuss your training needs.

Q. My child with disabilities will soon leave school – can you assist with finding them employment?
A. AXIS Employment is a registered Disability Employment Service and we work with Eligible School Leavers who are in their last year of school to assist young people with disabilities, illness or injury to establish training and employment goals for the future. Our Employment Services Consultants are experts in disability employment and finding job opportunities for people within their own community and townships.


 Q. Can I work at AXIS Worx enterprises?
A. AXIS Worx is an Australian Disability Enterprise providing meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the Wimmera area. If you, a friend or member of your family has a disability and is interested in working at AXIS Worx, contact us to have a tour of our workplace and discuss if there are any positions available.

Q. Can anyone purchase items from AXIS Worx enterprises including Cafe Worx, Gift Worx, Pak Worx and Wood Worx?
A. Absolutely! The aim of our Australian Disability Enterprise is to provide services to people living and working throughout regional Victoria. Your patronage is welcomed and will assist us in making these enterprises profitable. Keep an eye on our website for details of how you can arrange to tour our facility and see for yourself the great work done by our Staff and Supported Employees.

Q. My business is not located near Horsham, can I still access AXIS Worx mail-out and sewing services?
A. Yes. We currently have customers supporting our service from Vic, SA, NSW & QLD. Please Contact Us for more information.

Q. Should I drop my old computers and whitegoods off at AXIS Worx for e-waste recycling?
A. No, please do not leave, computers, TVs, DVDs mattresses or electronic goods at AXIS Worx. Instead, please take them to your Council’s Transfer Station (free of charge) where we have arrangements in place to pick them up.